find themselves defenceless

Elder abuse, often subtle, sometimes not, involves people who, a little like children, find themselves defenceless. It can be physical, it can be mental, and it is often carried out with financial motive. Carers and even family members can sometimes take advantage of older people who may be lacking in faculties or simply deceived by those by whom they thought loved them.

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Cost of ownershipFor Tom Osborne, teaching people is part of owning a chain of agricultural stores and making sure animals are well taken care of. He remembers when people used to buy chicks for pets around Easter, something he said doesn’t occur as much ever since legislation was introduced in the state that said at least 12chicks had to be purchased at a time. That law has since been repealed, he said, but Osborne’s still keeps the limit..

The Tartan group seems to have a very high concentration of members between Virginia and New York, so their activities (and officers) are centered within a few hundred miles of the Chesapeake. Doing it this way, our officers could be limited to a president (commodore?) and newsletter editor. I am willing to serve in the latter capacity, at least for a while.I would like to suggest that a number of us try to get together on Saturday afternoon October 11th, at the Annapolis Sailboat Show to discuss the M 38 Owners’ Group what we want to do, how we want to do it, and what form (if any) our organization should have.